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Re: Still Life

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Teresa (tmcnorf)
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 18:57:42 -0400

my middle schoolers have learned that their drawings are more successful when they choose the subject. i do an student
self-evaluation at the end of the contour drawing lesson that i can almost predict the students answers.
we draw plants that i pick. doing blind contour and modified contour. after several drawings they pick the subject to draw.
the evaluation asks:
what was your most successful drawing?
its always the last one they did
what were you doing while drawing that made this successful?
looking at the paper, concentrating, drawing slowly, etc.
what was the least successful?
always the blind contour
what were you doing?
couldn't see the paper, didnt want to draw a plant etc.
what one was the most fun to draw?
some pick the blind contour, most pict their own subject drawing.
liked (or more familiar with) the subject, had practice etc.

i then tell the class as a whole, " this is what YOU tell me... a drawing is successful if you are quier, like the subject, get to
practice etc.etc. "
a brief description, but one of my favorite lessons. THEY tell ME what it takes to draw well!!!
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Subject: Re: Still Life

>I have found also that the students in middle school would like some say in what
>they draw. So when I do still life drawings, I let them choose from a variety of
>items. Some of their favs are the rubber spider, fish and lizards. Also I have a
>pair of old cowboy boots that they often choose. ( thank God for Rummage Sales!)
>CPKinomi wrote:
>> On the subject of still life arrangements....
>> I have found that my students are not interested in drawing vases, tea pots
>> and bowls of fruit. I will show them the reproductions of still lifes
>> (Cezanne, Picasso, etc.) and talk about them as an intro. When I do still
>> life arrangements, I set up at least 4 different ones for the students to
>> choose from. They really like to have a choice in what to draw. I set up a
>> musical one with a violin, some sheet music and fabric. There is a sports
>> themed arrangement with a basketball, soccer ball, Nikes, baseball glove and
>> ice skates. (Most of the boys do this one!) I also set up a junk food one
>> with a bag of chips, cans of coke and cookies. There is also a stuffed
>> animals arrangement (not the real ones.....), cute teddy bears and such. I
>> am going to have my 5th graders draw candy bars next week, working with
>> contour line right now.
>> Hope this helps.