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kprs (KPRS)
Fri, 24 Sep 1999 23:22:16 -0400

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Did you know that you can buy columns that are made out of some light stuff in
a prom decoration catalogue? These catalogues feature theme
decorations...everything from pyramids to Eiffel towers. If you teach in a
highschool see the person who is running the prom, or semi formal, or whatever
dances you may have. They probably have the catalogues. I couldn't give you any
names, because it has been years since I was in charge of the prom. Of course
you may want the challenge of making the entire set....I, when doing scenery many
moons ago, would use every trick in the book to make it work, and would not find
buying set pieces from a catalogue for cheap, beneath me.

San D

San D

MPBC90 wrote:

> In a message dated 9/22/99 12:59:59 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
> <<
> Since this subject is being discussed presently, I too have a request =
> for ideas about creation of relief sculptures. The choir director in =
> our school leads a yearly musical. This year he and his choir are =
> performing 'Pippin' in November. The art department helps with scenery =
> and sets. We have decided to try and create a Romanesque relief =
> sculpture of standing figures. It will have to be light weight as it =
> will be mobile. I need ideas for materials that are light, carvable, =
> moldable, drapable, and paintable (in order to have a marble or stone =
> look). The size will be in the 6' x 8' range. >>
> FOAM CORE! Go to your local framer, and have them save pieces. Lightweight,
> already cut into squares, glueable, carvable (sp?) and shapeable. Already
> white for roman columns, and that speckled spray paint would be worth the
> investment for a display that can be reused. I am behind on my artsednets,
> but I am sure many have posted similar ideas. It is so perfect.
> MP


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