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Re: Punishment

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Fri, 24 Sep 1999 18:28:47 EDT

Concerning the letters on poor student behavior in art class, I have one
question. Where is your administration? I teach in a great high school, on
a 4x4 schedule (90 minute classes), and my beginning art class has mostly 9th
graders. Since our school opened in 1995 we have expected to see an
administrator in our classroom every period of every day. It is wonderful.
The students know they will be there, and so do the teachers. We only put up
with the behavior we want to put up with. If a student is ever sent to the
office, they won't come back until the next day.
I would suggest that if you have a group of students who keep you from
teaching you send the worst one out. If that doesn't calm them down (it
usually does), send the next worst. (I'm assuming that you have activities
that they should be doing, you've been monitoring their work, and have
reminded them one-on-one of what they should be doing, not just told them to
stop what they shouldn't) Yes, I know middle school is the worst - I taught
7th grade for 10 years. I am very thankful to be at a high school.
Excuse the venting - I was just sort of puzzled about "punishment work".
Gayle in Florida