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Re: drawing rubric

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Fri, 24 Sep 1999 17:26:52 EDT

Of course you are correct in the fact that a rubric states the criteria and
the requirements. I was only referring to general categories I use in my
rubrics- not the specific criteria.
My scoring is based on a total of 25 points possible- each objective being
worth 5 pts. The standards I use are as follows:
5= superior degree of success, exceeds requirement, mastery(best)
4= above average degree of proficiencey(very good)
3= average, some degree of success but room for improvement(good)
2= below average, little initiative, poor(okay)
1= weak, little to no understanding of success, doesn't meet the
requirement(not very good)
0= non existent, no effort to accomplish rquirement. I then give a score out
of 25 which is equivalent to a percentage and therefore 100-90A, 89-80B,etc.
I also use very specific criteria in each category for each assignment-
these categories are just the general ones I almost always use. If you want
to know more let me know. It is not subjective and my students are very
satisfied with it.

In a message dated 9/22/99 10:07:27 PM Central Daylight Time, Wizzlewolf

<< t is my understanding that a rubric states the criteria and the
requirements of that specific criteria. How does this "rubric" help the
students understand the requirements of "great", "good", "satisfactory"
composition, viewer impact, etc? Do you state the requirements to get a high
score on each part of the rubric? Also, what is the possible score of each
catagory? What differentiates the variations in score within a catagory?
For instance, if each section can be worth up to twenty points, what are the
requirements to get twenty points? fifteen? ten? I am curious, because my
students would have a field day with this. It is so open-ended and
It appears to be very subjective.
wizzle >>

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