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Re: Punishment!

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Thu, 23 Sep 1999 11:04:04 EDT

I have done written assignments for disruptive students. My kids' academic
abilities are pretty low, so I used stuff from a book that has pictures of
famous works of art -- but in coloring book format. Each picture comes with
a page of written information. I have some of these Xeroxed, I tell students
they have to copy the information, and if they finish early they can color
the picture. I know it sounds awful ... but I only do this with awful
students. They get what they deserve. Most kids behave much better after
having this assignment. I usually have been able to separate the kids who
misbehave from the rest of the class, so the bad ones see the rest of the
kids doing cool art projects, and deep down wish they could join us ... the
other kids who might be prone to misbehavior see the jerk doing the written
assignment, and behave better because they don't want to have to write ...
you get the idea! I tell them creating art is a privilege, if they can't
behave appropriately they will write about art instead of doing art..... the
choice is theirs. I don't know if this would work with 8th.. I've done it
with 6th which is my highest level ... and I've done it very rarely...
usually the threat is enough to get their attention.
:) Laura Allan
Cicero Schools, Illinois

In a message dated 9/22/99 8:47:25 PM Central Daylight Time,
BluesTruth writes:

<< Dear Friends:
How do you feel about certain real, out of control classes that can't
art, (fighting, yelling, profanities,etc.) and the teacher has given
up--well; you get the idea...I was thinking of giving them written work
instead of hands on art projects.. Has any of you ever done this? I really
despise doing this, but some of my classes are really HORRID (8th grade
especially). There are a few good kids that I feel real sorry for. I just
don't think the bad ones deserve art.
What would YOU do if you were ME?!?!
Thanks in advance-it means a lot!!
Bluestruth >>