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RE: Punishment!

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Fields, Linda (
Thu, 23 Sep 1999 13:30:31 -0400

I am so glad Jill wrote this, as I have been thinking about asking for
your advice also. My class like this is a 7th period crafts class
consisting of mostly 9th graders, but also 2 "above it all seniors", 8
special ed kids and an assortment of upperclassmen behavior problems. I
go home on the verge of tears every day I have them. I am afraid to put
clay or cutting tools in their hands-some of them are so sneaky and
destructive, but I am having a hard time keeping them busy and involved
for 100 minute periods. Like Jill, I am going to resort to written
review work today for my own sanity. I don't like to do it either, and
have also tried sending them out, writing them up, etc. I will continue
to do those until they get the message, but meanwhile, I am spending all
my time on discipline instead of being able to teach the kids who want
to learn. Have considered dividing the group into the "do" and "don't
do" halves, but it will still be hard to teach and keep the others from
tearing things up. Any advice you have to offer will be appreciated-I am
at my wit's end. Thanks-Linda in NC
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> From: BluesTruth[SMTP:BluesTruth]
> Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 1999 9:45 PM
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> Subject: Punishment!
> Dear Friends:
> How do you feel about certain real, out of control classes that can't
> handle
> art, (fighting, yelling, profanities,etc.) and the teacher has given
> up--well; you get the idea...I was thinking of giving them written
> work
> instead of hands on art projects.. Has any of you ever done this? I
> really
> despise doing this, but some of my classes are really HORRID (8th
> grade
> especially). There are a few good kids that I feel real sorry for. I
> just
> don't think the bad ones deserve art.
> What would YOU do if you were ME?!?!
> Thanks in advance-it means a lot!!
> Bluestruth