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re: brushes

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Teri S. Mason (terily)
Wed, 22 Sep 1999 08:05:39 -0500

I am so anal with my brushes! I have some of the "chubby" brushes
that I use with K and any others that scrub with the brushes. Before
all paint projects, we review how to use the brush:
1) paint only on the tips of the bristles, not the ferrule (that is
wasting paint)
2) use a pulling motion with the brush (I correlate this to brushing
your hair- what would happen if you twirled the brush round & round in
your hair? a big tangle! that is what happens to the paintbrush, except
that there is no special "conditioner" or "detangler" to fix it, it is
just ruined.)
3) when no paint comes off the brush, dip in water, wipe on the side of
the cup (to let drips go back in cup) and dab on a paper towel to check
and see if its clean.
4) when changing water, only 1/2 cup (to avoid spills)

As they are working, I walk around and say aloud "pulling motion" or
"rinse, wipe, dab" I am so serious about it when they are K-1s, they
usually don't ever forget. I also explain WHY we have to care for our
brushes, in that we have to share them for everyone and that if you have
your own brushes at home, you can treat them however you want. BUT if
you treat your brushes nicely, you will always get nice paintings from
them! Finally, those who still scrub and tear the brushes, they get the
old nasty chubbies (or worse, those plastic ones that come with cheap
watercolors! You know, the ones that have a squared off tip??)

Good luck,