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Re: RE: brushes

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Mon, 20 Sep 1999 20:57:16 EDT

n a message dated 9/20/99 8:35:22 PM, you wrote:

<<he class
stops and the student has to exchange the good brushes for the ugly, bent,
old selection. >>

Deb and all, I do the same thing! Except I don't wait until they start to
trash a good brush. At the beginning of a painting lesson, I talk about brush
care (how to stroke it so the bristles don't spread, how to wash it, how to
handle it, etc.) Then I hold up 2 or 3 really junky, frazzled, bent brushes
and ask the kids, "Who would like to use one of these brushes?" Of course, no
one does. Then I tell them "One of these will be yours if I see you
mishandling the brushes. I will KNOW if you are hurting them because they
start crying and screaming HELP ME! HELP ME!. That is when I run and get one
of the junky brushes, give it to you and save the poor little brush you are
hurting!!!!" When I do this performance, I rarely have any problems with
messed up brushes.