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Lesson Plans

Re: lessons on artists

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ricki fromkin (fromkinr)
Sat, 18 Sep 1999 10:05:50 -0400

Betty Bowen wrote:
> >Wouldn't it be wonderful if other states would honor their contemporary
> artists by designing lesson plans >around their work.
> >I think this is a great idea and maybe some people from the list can get
> >together, in all of our spare time (because we all have so much), and
> >compile a list of 1 artist from each state whose work we have chosen. A
> >lesson plan based upon that artist's work can then be written, and all
> >the information can be compiled into a contemporary art education book.
> >I'm in.
> >Ricki in NJ
> >I can use Barbara Kruger who was born in Newark
> Ok, Ricki, Count me in. So, what parameters should we use for choosing
> artists to represent our states? Somebody who still lives and works there to
> show the kids It Can Be Done and so it's not all "born there but now lives
> in New York?" (of course that's different for someplace so close as NJ) All
> women? Nationally famous or do we care? (I don't) Or an assortment of media
> so we don't end up with all word-artists or all painters or (sigh) all art
> professors? There are so many artists to choose from.
> Betty (in OK)

When I proposed the idea about a book, I really was serious. However, I
cannot do it all on my own (actually, I probably could, but not at this
time). Anyway, I feel that the artists represented should be well
known. Should they be as famous as Picasso or Van Gogh? No, but they
should be established artists whose work has played a role or has made a
contribution to the art world for at least the last 60 years or so.

Preferably, I would like to use living artists, but that really doesn't
matter. Female or male, adult or child, any medium will do (and yes
there should be a large variety including computer generated and video).
The artist doesn't have to be from the state (or country) you live in,
or teach in. I just thought that would be fun (and those of us who do
live close to NYC have an advantage).

I guesss a good way to get started is for everyone interested to e-mail
me personally at fromkinr with the artist they have
chosen, and the medium they work in, and I'll see how many people
respond and take it from there.

I would love to be able to do this electronically, but am not capable
yet to do so (skillwise). I also think we should try to get this
published and split the millions (think big).

Talk to you soon,