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Re: music in the classroom

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Donalyn Heise (
Fri, 17 Sep 1999 09:13:28 -0500

I too incorporated music in the artroom and it was wonderfully effective!
I played Kitaro when teaching Japanese watercolor, and Italian folk music
when we studied Italian art. Sometimes the music choice was a stretch!
I also played blues and Jazz when we created collages like Romare Beardon or
when we studied the art of William H. Johnson.
I played classical most of the time.
At first the students complained, and wanted to bring in their own CD's. But
like you, I didn't want to "screen" the lyrics. But I really wanted to
expose them to other forms of music and relate it to visual expression. They
then began to enjoy it. If I forgot to turn on the music they reminded me!
One day I forgot my CD's at home and they were so disappointed. I told them
that when I cook Italian food at home, I crank up my Italian folk music! And
when I cook Cajun food, I play my zydeco!

Hopefully, one day when they are much older, they will hear one of these
songs we listened to and it will bring back fond memories of looking,
learning, and creating art!

-- Donalyn Heise
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>From: "Sharon Hause" <smhause>
>Subject: RE: music in the classroom
>Date: Thu, Sep 16, 1999, 9:55 PM

> I budgeted a sterio system for my art department and joined a music club for
> a year to develop a CD library. I only play classical music, contemporary
> music, some showtunes- the CD's that art club attend during the chool year
> such as the theatre production of such as performances of Cats, Stomp,
> Nutcracker, etc. I do not allow them to play any CD's of their own, whether
> it be classical or not. That way I do not have to monitor and censor music.
> At first, some complain. I kept it on low. After awhile, I will get
> requests for me to turn up the volume and ask, "who is this" I even have
> students wanted to tape off of the CD's to take home. Occasionally I will
> play music from the 50's, 60's 70's. A lot of jazz. Music seems to set a
> mood, create an environment. Different courses ofen need different music.
> My printmakers tend to be the students with every body part pierced and skin
> tatooed. For them I play more Bob Dylon and John Prine, Doors, etc. It
> works better for them. Music is always secondary but we have so much in
> common.
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