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Betty Bowen (
Tue, 14 Sep 1999 15:30:13 -0500

Someone was asking about illuminations. This site is the Calligraphy and
Lettering Arts Society in the UK. If you click on Teaching Aids it will tell
about rolls of slides of Calligraphy and Lettering arts slides available
through them. Getting a check drawn on a London bank is no big deal, just go
to any major bank and they can do it for you for about $3.00.

The Site -

Here's the text from that page:

In association with the British Library Education Service, CLAS is delighted
to announce four eagerly awaited historical slide rolls. The slides have
been carefully selected for CLAS by Ewan Clayton, MA, with the assistance of
Dr Michelle Brown of the British Library.

Slide Roll A (33 Slides) Late Antiquity to Carolingian Period
This slide roll spans a period from the first century AD to the carolingian
period. Amongst its highlights are slides of both writing and illuminating
in the Vespasian Psalter, the Lindisfarne Gospels, The Book of Nunaminster
and several great carolingian gospel books including the Grandvaal Bible.
There are several examples of roman cursive hands, and good examples of
uncials, half uncials, informal insular cursive and carolingian minuscule.

Slide Roll B (29 Slides) Late Anglo Saxon to Protogothic
This slide roll concentrates on late Anglo Saxon Britain and follows through
to the beginning of the gothic period. It shows examples of the classic
English caroline hand (as in Harley 2904) and of simple built up capitals
(versals). The slides also illustrate several styles of early medieval
illumination; polychromatic pen drawings in Harley 603, the rich
illumination of the Benedictional of St Ethelwold, and the elaborate yet
naive style of the Silos Apocalypse from Spain. Other highlights include
close ups of the hand of Edui Basan. The roll concludes with a fine
protogothic manuscript.

Slide Roll C (23 Slides) The High Middle Ages
This roll covers the period of the high middle ages. It contains examples of
all the major kinds of gothic scripts and extracts of the writing and
illumination in such manuscripts as the Evesham Psalter, the Luttrell
Psalter and the Bedford Hours. There are also some fine examples of complex
page layouts. The roll concludes with a musical manuscript written in a
circular form.

Slide Roll D (33 Slides) The Renaissance
This roll principally concerns scripts in Italy. It contains many good
examples of cursive chancery hands and shows formal manuscripts written by,
amongst others, Bartolomeo San Vito and Arrighi. The Arrighi manuscript is
Royal 12 C viii, originally presented to Henry VIII, the slides also show
details of its elaborate binding. Writing by the future queen Elizabeth I is
shown and the roll concludes with slides of William Morris’ manuscript ‘The
Rubyat of Omar Kyyam’ in which he employs a script influenced by the hand of
The Slides are supplied in roll form, suitable for mounting as 2” x 2”
slides. Each roll is despatched in a stout plastic tub, accompanied by short
descriptive notes.
Prices include packing and postage (Air Mail Overseas). Price of A, B & D
rolls is £13 each (£14.50 overseas) Roll C £12.50 (£14 Overseas)


Cheques & bank drafts (drawn on a London Bank), or Visa and Mastercard
credit card details should be made payable to ‘CLAS’ and sent to CLAS Sales,
Penny Price, 1 Sadlers Close, Coton, Cambridgeshire CB3 7PF, England.
Tel:01954 210896.
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