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Linda Kelty (lckelty)
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 17:25:52 -0400

For Sharon Barrett Kennedy and any one else interested, this is a
compilation of things we put together last spring. Linda K. in Iowa

>Famous people with dyslexia:
>Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Michael Heseltine,
>Woodrow Wilson, George Bush, George Patton, George Burns, Jackie Stewart,
Leonardo da Vinci
>(racing driver), Duncan Goodhew (Olympic Swimmer), Tom Cruise, Whoopi
>Goldberg, Susan Hampshire, Danny Glover, Cher.
>Stephen Hawkin, scientist, diagnosed with ALS
>Frida Kahlo, artist, childhood polio and bus accident at 18
>Moses (Exodus 4:10-12)
>Bob Love (NBA All-Star)
>James Ear Jones
>King George VI
>F.W. Woolworth labeled as slow as a child
>Walt Disney was slow in school and a poor student
>Hans Christian Anderson had difficulty reading even though he told stories.
>Einsten didn't talk until age 4 or read til age 9. Labeled slow,
> a dreamer.
>Tom Cruise is dyslexic and learns his lines by listening to a tape.
>They list a web site at the end of the newsletter that may have more info.
>for you. It is
>I'd have to add singer Mel Tillis to the stutterer's!
>painter David Hockney is seriously hearing impaired
>painter Sam Gilliam has bi-polar disorder.

Chuck Close speaks about his learning disability in the video which I
from Sax. He talks about how he became the class clown and played with
puppets and passed high school classes by doing the project option. It is an
inspiring video in many ways...he has had had to overcome tremendous
obstacles many times in his life, but expresses such a sense of gratitutde
for still being able to paint. I also ordered the book which Sax sells in
same is good too, but I can't remember if it mentions his
learning disability or not.

I watched a program on PBS about Rauschenberg recently. I believe they
mentioned that he is dyslexic. CL from PA

Sorry, I was offline for a short time. The Chuck Close video is called
"Chuck Close: A Portrait in Progress, product # 586 287J and we have sold
quite a few. There is also a book called Chuck Close: Up Close product #572
496J $19.95. The set of both products #572 447J $44.95 The feedback we get
is good. Hope this helps. Judy