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Re: recycling clay

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L.P. Skeen (
Sat, 11 Sep 1999 21:08:20 -0400

Davissw wrote:

> Does anyone know of a good way to recycle clay used in ceramic classes. My
> principal won't agree to get a pugmill and I have two large ceramic classes.

Greetings. I am a potter, so I recycle a CRUDLOAD of clay, and don't have a
pugmill (yet). First, tell me what your principal's objections are; maybe I can
help squash 'em.<G>

Second, I use plaster tables to recycle my clay. I have worked in a studio w/
over 70 participants, and here's how we do it.

1. Have large plastic trash cans set up on dollies where participants empty
their throwing buckets after class. Place some kind of mesh over the opening of
the trash can tho, or you'll have tools in the clay and get your hands cut up.
A piece of hardware cloth from the Home Despot will work just fine. Cut it
larger than the trash can opening, bend the excess down around the opening and
either tape or tie it in place.

2. Have the students obtain their throwing water from these same trash cans.
The clay will have settled to the bottom overnight and clear water will be
floating on top.

3. When the clay level gets to about half or more in the can, siphon off the
water and scoop the clay slurry out onto a plaster table. The plaster absorbs
water from the bottom and evaporation takes water from the top. You will have
to turn the clay from time to dry the clay evenly.

4. Take the clay to the wedging area and prepare for throwing.

Plaster table: You can make one from an old portable dishwasher and store the
new clay inside!

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