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RE: teaching math through art

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Sears, Ellen (
Wed, 8 Sep 1999 15:00:09 -0400

You could do an Amish Quilt, Victor Vasserly type of color study to
reinforce equivalent fractions. Actually, you could use squares (with half
squares or triangles...), rectangles, or circles.
You could have construction paper pieces - congruent shapes - they pick two
colors, cut them up.... - you could introduce a way to show the fractional
part (how could you show 1/3?) use the colors as complementaries... trading
off before cutting... If you use rectangles - se if the teacher has any
Quissenaire(sp) rods - if she teaches math she'll know what they are - they
could try their quilt using manipulatives before paper.
This doesn't read well - I could fool around tonight and try one - scan or
use the digital camera - send to you -
let me know.

See if any of Ed Emberly's books can help...

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> From: Crisbryson
> Sent: Wednesday, September 8, 1999 2:41 PM
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> Subject: teaching math through art
> Help out there! Our middle school remedial math teacher has asked me for
> an
> art project that will help solidify fraction equivalents. Things like 1/3
> =
> 2/6=3/9, 1/4=2/8=4/16. Apart from some dull measuring project I am at a
> loss.
> Can't find any applicable web sites either. I am the teacher working at a
> Padaeia charter school, so my day is filled with such esoteric requests!
> Today I met with teachers about Day of the Dead Celebration, setting up an
> art center in the Spanish room, the fraction thing, creative ways for
> students to visually present family tree's, and checked on the 9th grade's
> Colonial america program, and the 6th grade Egyptian archeology dig! It is
> truly integrating the arts in the curriculum!!!
> Chris Rosenthal