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Stacey Bernstein (staceyb)
Mon, 6 Sep 1999 11:16:37 -0700

The product LynnMarie mentioned is Model Magic by Crayola

That would be great stuff for making a customized handle.

I worked with a student in high school with severe cerebral palsy who could
make broad arm movements. With a light facilitated touch from his para, he
could point to letters on an alphabet board for spelling ideas/comments,
and make strokes with loaded paint brushes. Much of his yes/no responses
were made with eyebrow movements. (he: age 17-19)
It seems the first steps for you will be to develop a working relationship
with his aid.
Can she sign and guide the activity of the day for him? Can she get excited
about the inherent difficulties and take it on as a creative challenge?
You two can problem solve on how to encourage the creativity and expression
of your student as you both investigate the ways that he can encode/decode

Working with textured materials may encourage his tactile development...
fake fur, slippery clay, crinkly paper, etc.
Does the child follow events with his eyes? Maybe his aide could read from
large amazing picture books.
Can he be held and moved around while music is playing?
The IEP will help, and get as much additional support from your colleagues.
It's challenging, and sometimes the creative expression comes from the
adult more than the child, but that can be used to everyones' advantage if
it helps you to develop a working relationship with the child.

Fare thee well.


At 11:18 PM -0400 9/5/1999, LynnMarie Paris wrote:
>if this child can hold an object at all, one thought for assistance with
>drawing tools comes to mind.
>There is white, air-dry clay...i can't remember the name but I am sure
>someone knows what I am talking about. It reminds me of marshmallow
>fluff. :) that can be wrapped around a pencil and molded to fit this,
>or any, child's hand.

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