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reading writing and art

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Barbara Hall (bahall)
Sun, 05 Sep 99 21:18:05 -0600 Central Daylight Time

I often tell my students that I would like to be given a group of children in the 7th grade and be responsible
for their education until they graduate. I would teach history, writing, philosophy etc. through art. Math and
science might be a little scary because I am not very strong in those areas but I bet I could figure it
out...then I would put my group up against any kids. I bet mine would hold their own or out do the others not
because I am such an awesome teacher but because they were taught in a way that made everything "connect". I
teach secondary school, always have, but I think it is unfortunate that we teach kids in elementary and middle
school with hands on activities in many subjects...or the students are asked to integrate writing and
illustration etc. (many other things of this sort happen I know, I am merely reflecting on my elementary school
days) and then the students arrive in high school and spend most of their time sitting in desks, taking notes,
spending time in English then an hour later going to history, etc. RIGHT ON to whoever said that being in art is
not limited to only those kids who have production skills. I teach in a small rural school. If I only took the
kids that had talent I would have 5 kids. Instead I make art somewhere that everyone can succeed. Two of my best
students are not strong in production but can talk about art as well as some university students. WHEN ARE WE
GOING TO LEARN that if education is going to be meaningful we have to teach that things are related NOT
separate. Sorry to rant and I know this isn't very eloquent but I think we can strike a balance between 100
percent production and 100 percent teaching to some other subject area's objectives.

Its like the old saying...If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.
In our case in education we will continue to get a large majority of students who aren't the least bit
interested in learning. I for one welcome the challenge to teach reading, writing, history, even driver's Ed
through art. I have kids who have been engaged and excited by ART. Whenever I get a chance to sneak in some
other subject I do so with glee.

Amanda Linn

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