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Re: Art Level vs. Art Ability

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Sun, 5 Sep 1999 12:38:37 EDT

In a message dated 9/5/99 8:56:26 AM, sharonbk wrote:

<<In some ways it's tempting to throw out the whole art "level" concept and
just gear instruction towards individual abilities, but I don't think I
could do that..... Dunno.

Do you have a choice? Variations in "level" will always be a factor in all
classes and any subject. I question the concept of "level" anyway. The
baseline you created is great start to inform you of some of their skills.
This will help you to address their individual needs as best as you can.
Reviewing fundamental concepts in Art II will be beneficial to all students.
However, the baseline tasks assigned do not give you complete information on
all the students. I am sure that with time you will find that some of the
lesser skilled "drawers" may have outstanding ingenuity or be fantastic
sculptors. I know of many gifted ceramic artists who can't draw a stick
person. Also, there are students that may not be the greatest painters at
this point, but their passion will lead them to improvement eventually in
their own time. Due to the plethora of attributes, skills and abilities
linked to creativity, it is necessary and recommended to address individual
needs. This is certainly a challenge in our art classes. However, we must put
the best effort forward to address the unique qualities of each student as
much as possible.