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Re: Taking advantage of sales and bargains

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Rick (rlarson)
Sat, 04 Sep 1999 12:19:35 -0500

I hate to admit this, but I started to complain to anyone who'd listen about the
pitiful budget I had. The teachers began to listen. ("You'd like us to do
pots? I'd LOVE to if you can buy the clay...") I'm still working on this because
I still only get 2$ per/. ( When we went to 'site-based" I requested a raise in
supply $$ and it was approved. Kinda took it out of my principal's hands- ) I
now put up a giving tree outside of my room where parents can pick from the tree
something to donate like a STAPLER!!! Also, glue, markers, yarn. But since I do
fibers in third and 5th, I send a not home asking for donations of yarn to go into
the classroom bin- to be shared. Anyway, I started to feel that the budget would
never improve if I kept subsidizing it. Better now , but not enough to upgrade,
know what I mean- ?? betsy

Scurfield wrote:

> Hi Lisa and ArtsEdNetters,
> One of my schools is good about letting me purchase and then reimbursing me.
> And there's a rumor that at my new school the PTA gives each teacher a
> "Christmas gift" of funds for school supplies. Since my art budget is only
> about $1 per student per year and there's no way that I can run the type of
> art program I want to on that, I supplement with lots of freebies from the
> community and stuff I purchase and donate. Since I don't tithe to a church,
> I justify this extravagance by saying it is my way of giving back to God. I
> also have recently discovered grant writing, and while a lot of work, can be a
> terrific source of funding. But there's got to be a way to be able to take
> advantage of bargains at Hobby Lobby, WalMart, Target, etc. Sometimes you can
> get great materials dirt cheap! But the art teacher shouldn't have to always
> donate that stuff!
> How do the rest of you out there handle this problem?
> Marcia--Derby, KS