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Re: shoes

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L.P. Skeen (
Thu, 02 Sep 1999 19:28:54 -0400

Larry Cox wrote:

> The first time I tore/inflamed one I did everything wrong. Wore flat
> shoes, applied heating pad the works. When I finally got in to see a
> specialist I could barely walk and ended up getting shots in my heal. Those
> shots REDEFINED my pain tolerance level. In fact the Dr. before the shot
> asked me if I had ever passed out from a shot.......I haven't but wished I
> could have ..... Susan

Susan, I'm telling you flat out, you had the _wrong_ doctor. I have had foot
problems all my life, starting w/ flat feet surgically corrected in 5th/6th
grades and now heel spurs and tailor's bunion spurs. I have a Podiatrist, not a
sports or other orthopedic doc. Any time my spurs get to where I can't walk, I
go see the Podiatrist and he shoots my heel spurs with a cortizone-type drug.
This treatment works for a year or more.

Now you have to know me to know this, but I'd rather sit in an oven than get
near a needle of any kind, but I go for the heel thing voluntarily and walk out
pain free.
My doc uses some kind of freeze-spray to numb the skin where the needle will be,
and injects novocaine or similar all around the spur. When that's taken effect,
THEN he puts in the spur stuff, which is what hurts. The only thing I ever feel
is the vibration from the popping when one of the crystals from the medication
gets forced thru the needle. Better yet, they lay the chair down where I can't
even see the needle at all.<GG>

If you have heel spurs, they won't ever go away. My doc said that even if he
operated they'd grow back. So, you're gonna have the pain periodically. I
suggest you shop around for a podiatrist who uses the spray I mentioned above.
You'll never regret it.

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