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Larry Cox (L_J_Cox)
Wed, 1 Sep 1999 22:25:28 -0600

This was interesting. I do not have heal spurs but had terrible heal pain
because of torn tendon. The one on the bottom of your foot that is
connected to your heal. One of the things recommended was the customized
shoe inserts-which I have and they do work up to a point. I can't wear them
all day my feet get too tired. IF you have the torn tendon - going barefoot
and wearing shoes that are flat with no cushioning is the worst thing for
it. When your foot is flat or in flat shoes you end up stretching the
tendon. Wearing a shoe with a 1 - 1.5 inch heel that is cushioned keeps
your foot stretching out the tendon. I ended up having surgery on my heel.
My Dr. told me that frankly he wasn't sure if the surgery was 100%
effective as much as the 4-5 weeks in a cast afterwards! Soaking your
feet/foot in hot water or used heat is the WORST thing you can do. COLD
water and ice packs work best because the tendon is torn or inflamed!!!

The first time I tore/inflamed one I did everything wrong. Wore flat
shoes, applied heating pad the works. When I finally got in to see a
specialist I could barely walk and ended up getting shots in my heal. Those
shots REDEFINED my pain tolerance level. In fact the Dr. before the shot
asked me if I had ever passed out from a shot.......I haven't but wished I
could have ..... Susan

More from Linda in NM...I also had the cortisone shots - nada...I hear
surgery is next after all the things I did...But, like I said staying off my
feet was the solution so far.

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