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Re: Art History ??!!

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menichino (menichino)
Mon, 28 Sep 1998 21:38:40 -0400

Hi Sara --
Well, since you asked.... I teach K-5 and know that I probably don't do as
much art history as I should, but I do at least one major project each
year. It's chronological. 1st grade has a Cave Art unit (looking outside
for caveman
paintbrushes like weeds and pine cones, then going into cardboard box cave
to paint on animal drawings they've made with charcoal, carving animal
shapes into clay slabs, and finally drawing what is different about today's
and cave men's food sources, clothes and activities); 2nd grade does
Egyptian Art (tracing around each other in groups of 3 and decorating and
painting egyptian style making a large mural -- seems like it's all over
School Arts this year!); 3rd grade concentrates on Renaissance (they carve
into plaster slabs like Michelangelo, draw with shadows--chiarascuro, and
paint up under the tables like the Sistine Chapel); 4th grade does
impressionism (watercolor landscape paintings); and 5th studies modern art
(rather underdeveloped unit here...) Other art history is incidental, as
when I show filmstrips related to a concept such as landscapes or still
lifes, and individual resource prints related to subject. We also do stuff
related to the biggies like Picasso (don't the kids just love his stuff?)
and native american, oriental, african and other art.
Liz in rural NY

> From: Sara Gustafson <britgirl>
> To:
> Subject: Art History ??!!
> Date: Sunday, September 27, 1998 4:46 PM
> Hi everyone-
> I am one of the "new people on the list." I am an elementary art
> educator in NC. I have enjoyed reading all of the messages this week.
> I have also been excitedly checking the messages to see if anyone
> replied to a question I posted last week.....:( I had a few
> responses, but not nearly as many as I had hoped for!! goes
> again ....are you out there?!.....I am working on a graduate research
> paper. I am gathering all of my data from the internet- posting my
> question on list-serv's such as this. I am curious to see HOW all of you
> are teaching art history? What methodologies do you use? I would really
> appreciate all responses- from a simple line or two to a detailed
> description of how you approach the teaching of art history!
> Thanks in advance!!
> Sara Gustafson
> britgirl