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Re: Tired, anyone?

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Wed, 23 Sep 1998 18:42:14 -0500

HI all you tired people.
Yes, life as an art teacher can really zap the best of us, but there are tricks
to making the day seem a little less exhausting. I do something very similar
to Bunki. I let the kids do a cooperative clean-up. They decide who will do
what their table. Sometimes I even list at the board what jobs there are for
clean-up for that period. Like some others I learned after my 1st year there
was no way I could do it all and if I tried I would be committed to the nut
house! I recruit 2 -6th graders every few years. They stay with me as my
special art assistants till they graduate from 8th grade. And towards the end
of their 8th grade year they train 2 new 6th graders and show them the ropes.
These girls come once a week ( sometimes twice ) and clean tools, fill glue
bottles , organize things , you name it. Get your kids do as much as possible.
I like the idea someone had about using a parent volunteer. I think I'll look
in to that for displays.
We all know we have more preparation to do than most teachers. It comes with
the territory and you learn to live with it ( and take vitamins!!). I wouldn't
trade my job with any other teacher in the school!
PS- Like Bunki suggested about getting juice and playing music. It does help.
Your classroom is like your second home. Keep some of the comforts of home in
your room. Me- I have a drawer full of chocolate!!!

Bunki Kramer wrote:

> >Yawn..getting burnt out in September,
> >Michelle H. Harrell
> >mmhar
> >North Garner Middle School
> >Garner, North Carolina
> ******************
> Hi, la Garnerette.......or is it the Garner Tojans? I seem to have
> forgotten! I see your new year is getting slightly overwhelming.
> Ahhhhhh...the trick is to get "them" to clean up. Once you get your system
> figured out, what needs to be where and how to best tackle each kind of
> cleanup mess, it'll get sooooooo much easier. Sounds like you're just
> trying to do "everything" and making it too easy for the kids. It's THEIR
> mess...THEY clean it up. Have each table decide their own "work-force". Let
> them decide at the table who 1. gets the brushes, 2. gets the newspaper, 3.
> gets the water. Next...whoever got the brushes, now washes them; whoever
> got the newspaper, now throws it away and wipes table; whoever got the
> water, now washes out the water bucket and tucks it away under the sink. A
> little routine makes the teacher smile! All kids know their "job" before
> anyone moves to get materials to start working.
> Get yourself a little frig and keep cold fruit juice/sodas to give you a
> lift. Play music. Find yourself a great set of slippers to put on during
> your prep. These little things to make the room your home and comfortable
> is a great start on getting that "zip" back.
> Don't be disappointed or frazzled. It takes a year or two or three to get
> comfy in your teaching. In a couple of years, YOU'LL be telling a new
> teacher these same words. Toodles...........
> Bunki Kramer - Los Cerros Middle School
> 968 Blemer Rd., Danville, California 94526