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Re: mudcloth

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Louise (
Wed, 23 Sep 1998 08:45:30 -0400

>Tell me please, how you presented mudcloth to the 2nd grade. Did you use REAL
>mud--or paint? This sounds like a fantastic lesson! Looking forward to
>hearing from you!
>Jill (Bluestruth)

Jill, I bought a few pieces of real mudcloth. Discussed pattern, color
etc. Talked about Mali people who make it and how they make it. There's a
wonderful book by Courtenay-Clark, "African Canvas" which describes many
African works.
I cut muslin into 12 x 12 sqs. At first they were bigger but most kids
could not complete larger ones. They drew the patterns on the cloth with
pencil and used mixed, black, blue and brown tempera paint. I did try mud
but kids said it "stank" and it was WORK seiving it prior to the lesson.
This is NOT how real mudcloth is made. There is a washing process between
repeated painting of the designs. There work is not washed at all which
would be a HUGE effort for any art room/teacher! But I think the kids
made the connection.
I taught this in a workshop to adults this summer. The Mali people use
tooth brushes instead of paint brushes and we discovered that there was
much more control. So next time the second graders will use tooth brushes
Check out "Kids' Multicultural Art Book" Also Indiana U. had a Bogolanfini
(mudcloth) show in '92 and they still have the catalog for sale...$12.
email Linda Baden lbaden