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Re: Tired, anyone?

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Melissa Chaney (meemo)
Tue, 22 Sep 1998 22:45:14 -0500

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I taught K-12 art in a small district for 6 years. I really loved teaching
the subject and love the people but having all of the grades killed me. I
learned alot of short cuts. I often would choose a medium; say for instance
paint and do a whole unit with paint rather that units about multicultural
or history. It saved me from putting one thing away and getting things out
for other classes. I also took advantage of kids to do some of the prep
work for another class if they finished early. It's amazing how many kids
love to help teh teacher.

Now I teach art to only grade 6. I'm in what's called a 6th grade center.
I have block scheduling and only have 3 classes each day. All the same
prep. I love it!!!!!!
I also exercise at least twice a week. I know that when you are really
tired exercise is the least thing you want to do but it does give you more
energy one you do it for a while.

Any chance for a student aide?

Michelle H. Harrell wrote:

> Howdy fellow artsednetters!
> It's only 1 month into the school year and I've already lost a bit of
> that zip in my step. By the end the day, I'm exhausted! I spend so much
> more time preparing and cleaning up compared to my non-art co-workers. I
> feel like I'm always catching up and never getting anything done, yet, I
> spend every minute on my toes going full blast.
> How many of you feel the same way? How do you cope with the art teacher
> fatigue? I know some of you elementary teachers have really hectic
> schedules.
> Yawn..getting burnt out in September,
> Michelle H. Harrell
> mmhar
> North Garner Middle School
> Garner, North Carolina
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