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Re: printmaking clean-up Mary B's post

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Sun, 20 Sep 1998 15:21:10 EDT

Mary B, I'd love to see the colors in WI now!
I covered the printing table with large donated paper from a company. We used
small cut up pieces of tagboard folders for plates to squeeze the ink on. The
small size prevented waste, I held the bucket of ink tubes. Only 1 tag of each
color could be out. Toward the end of class, I didn't let anyone squeeze more
ink, the kids had to use up the mixed colors on the tag. I had let them mix,
For clean up, 1 kid threw out the tag plates with the newspaper. The brayers
went into a bucket and 2 kids washed them. All wet prints and plates were hung
on the wire overhead by each kid.
I used Adinkra symbols for the lesson, printing 6 of their one small foamboard
plate on a small piece of wallpaper. The wallpaper books were on my desk, for
their selection of a light pattern that looks African. We cut out the Adinkra
symbol and glued it to a small piece of gray cardboard to make the plate. They
could choose ink that would contrast the wallpaper.
It worked well, I had them sign up on the board for printing order, and 6 were
allowed up at the printing table at one time. When 1 finished, the next 1 had
to be ready with his plate and wallpaper to go to the table. He was skipped,
if not ready. After everyone printed their Adinkra symbol, then the free
choice printing began. I ended it the minute a kid fooled around with the
water. But everyone had an Adinkra print. The only problem that could occur:
to take someone else's hanging wet plate and use it for their own project. But
they loved making their own plate. Sue in Cicero