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Re: Groundswell

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Jane Shiflett Manner (jmanner)
Sun, 20 Sep 1998 12:56:06 -0400

...Let me know.

AAARRRGGHHH! Alas the way things go in the system where I work is if they
want us to do something they don't let us know until the week or day before.

Message sent to Ohio State:

>The Wave_is wonderful and wonderfully documented! Thank you,
Francois->Xavier Bagnoud Foundation and Albina du Boisrouvray. Can you
help me >find an image of Groundswell to use as my school system focuses on
the >character quality of "respect" and my advanced art class focuses on
Maya >Lin's wonderful ability to provided the masses with a method of
showing >their respect for the Earth, segments of society, and individuals?

Wexner, the museum where the piece is installed at Ohio State University,
has a nonfunctioning e-mail address.

We were given a 15 minute reading assignment on building a backyard
environment which would be an appropriate habitat for wild life and a
mundane worksheet which would "teach the students about respect for the
earth". All teachers were expected to use this so they "wouldn't have to
come up with individual lessons"! I'm an artist and a rebel--there is no
dirth of teaching materials about artists and respect for the Earth--so I'm
doing an ART lesson for my kids. Then the thing began to grow. The Art
Club is always doing bulletin boards for prominent places in the building
which attack serious issues. Therefore this now has to be a bulletin board
which will expose the students and faculty to Maya Lin's many "respectful"
projects. Then her use of text (numbers and words) as "cathartic prod"
blended right into the projects the advanced kids have just finished with
the PBS video "Afluenza" as focus for mixed-media collages done with
drawings, media images, tissue paper, and the words of the haiku poetry
each student had to write and incorporate into thier artist's statement and
the imagery of the artwork. I want the students to approach various
issues--women's rights, poverty, homelessness, gangs, etc.--in the same
intellectual and spiritual way that Maya Lin has done. They will not be
limited by medium requirements. Some may do traditional two-dimensional
pieces, but I hope most will really stretch their minds and technical
ability. Glass-fusing, slumping, paste/broken or shattered into other
media-has been growing as a medium with these kids since last year, so the
_Groundswell_ piece is really important for thier understanding.

Alas, the last three links you sent have my server telling me it can't
>seems like the above should say home, but I don't have that.

The others had good text, but no IMMEDIATELY available image.

I think I probably found these memories of the piece and Maya Lin scooping
glass around with a shovel from watching the video "Maya Lin: A Strong
Clear Vision". I need a "hard copy" to use for the bulletin board and for
a transparency to show the kids. If I could find the image on the web the
visual problems would be solved, but I'm still unclear as to motivation for
the massive amounts of small broken glass pieces. All of the articles,
including the ones at the Wexner Museum at Ohio State just mention this
piece as another piece is investigated.

Thanks for your never ending support!
In this instance, speed in getting the image is essential.

Whatever you do is greatly appreciated.