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Lesson Plans

Wire sculptures

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jeryl Hollingsworth (holl5)
Sat, 19 Sep 1998 12:41:47 -0400

More on the wire sculptures: I do a unit on figure drawing with 4th
graders which includes gesture drawing, making tin foil people and
drawing them in different poses, incorporating Rockwell and his great
action paintings ( we also get into how his paintings tell stories- I
have saved and laminated enough calendar pages so they can all use
different prints to compare/contrast etc.) and finally doing wire
sculptures. I discovered a great source when our new building was being
wired- the phone guy gave me some scraps of wire. When I split the
plastic cover and pulled the wires apart there were 50 wonderfully
colored wire inside -enough to use for a couple years before I have to
track down another phone guy! I cut small bases of styrofoam ( scraps
from the packing of all our new computers) for them to stick their
figures in. Just a note- be sure to make friends with your custodial
people- mine never throw anything out before checking to see if its a
treasure for me!!
I was checking this for errors ( you know those perfectionists out
there!) and decided I should include some directions for the tinfoil
man. Using heavy duty foil, regular size, I give each student about a
12 inch piece. On the top edge, make two tears ( this can be tricky- go
slow) going about 1/3 of the way down your rectangle of foil. They
should be spaced apart equally so you have three strips the same width.
The two strips on the outside will be your arms and the one in the
middle will be your head. At the bottom make one tear in the middle
that goes a little more than 1/3 of the way up. This will be your
legs. Gently crumble the foil together to make the form. You always
have a couple kids who pinch the foil into a scrunched up mess but most
are successful. They love to pose their little guys standing by a glue
bottle or holding a pencil or sitting on the edge of the desk and then
they draw them in their sketchbooks. If they get the pieces of their
man too pinched up so they fall off I take a small piece and make a
"cast" and strengthen the arm or leg or sometimes the poor head! I know
this is clear to me but if someone wants the diagram I can probably get
my computer whiz teen to send it to you individually!
Enjoy your week end! Oh, one more thing (
sorry this is so long--) Is there anyone who has received info on the
conference in Charleston for S.C.? Some of us are afraid its lost in
that pile on our desk or did they send it yet?? Jeryl in S.C.

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