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Re: "Openers"

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Sat, 19 Sep 1998 12:01:24 EDT

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DCaldw9606 writes:

<< Also, I am in desperate need of "Openers"
for my Potter/Sculpture classes >>

Why not use your sustained drawing idea in pottery/sculpture classes? Give
sculpture or pottery related assignments as appropriate. Tie sustained drawing
assignments to the artists and concepts you are studying in class.

A few ideas I have used in the past which could be modified for the sustained
drawing follow. These examples could cover more than one day's 10 minute
session or be simplified to fit a 10 minute session.

Give students a handout with six 2 1/2" circles - do designs for a series of
abstract slip decorated plates - each stressing a selected principle of design
and element of art in the design - for example repetition and variation of
shape or rythm and variation with line.

Post an example of a Greek pot celebrating an athletic event (or used as an
Olymipic prize) and ask students to design a 1990's version inspired by a
contemporary sporting event.

Plan and sketch and idea for a sculpture that has moving parts and uses sound
as part of its aesthetic impact.

Sketch an idea for a sculpture based on an animal (day 1) -- Abstract your
sculpture plan from day 1 by turning it into simple shapes which still capture
the character of your animal (day 2).

Develop a sketch for a "found art" sculpture which is constructed from parts
you purchased in a bycycle repair shop. Give it an appropriate title which
relates to its form or to the message you were trying to communicate.

Hope these help you think of more ideas.
Denise J.
Milton HS
Alpharetta, Ga.