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Re: Openers

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Michelle H. Harrell (mmhar)
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 21:52:38 PDT

I also use openers with my middle school students the first 5 minutes of
class so I can check roll and they can begin working. It's usually a
short reading assignment/questions or a sketch related to what they're
about to do. I've listed some reliable quickies I keep around for
exercises to do in their sketchbook. My students love to help me come up
with the assignments at the end of the year. Please forgive the long
Michelle Harrell

1. Draw a figure (or object) as if it is shaking.
2. Draw a radio or tape headset from an interesting view.
3. Draw a favorite place you like to read or be by yourself in your
house or nearby.
4. Draw a souvenir that has special meaning to you.
5. Draw yourself as a very rich person. Add a mansion or a castle in
the background to show your wealth.
6. Draw something that turns. (A fan, etc.)
7. Draw the front of your parent's car.
8. Draw a person happy and laughing hysterically. Don't forget
9. Design a playing card for a deck of old maid cards.
10. Draw a familiar object like it is sad.
11. Draw something that has feet and is not alive.
12. Draw an object that has a hairy texture and make it come alive
with value.
13. Draw a machine and make it come to life!
14. Design a logo, or symbol for yourself. You choose whether or not
to include your name or your initials.
15. Draw something you keep hidden from others.
16. Sketch a plant, flower, or tree looking out of a window. Show the
window in your drawing.
17. Draw the design for the perfect room for yourself. Indicate what
colors and things you would choose to decorate the walls.
18. Do a cartoon of something funny that has happened at school that
made you laugh.
19. Draw a person in action (For example: someone swinging a baseball
bat or diving in a pool).
20. Draw yourself (a self portrait) on the cover of a magazine. You
can be a model on the cover of Teen or YM, an athlete on Sports
Illustrated, or anything else you can think of!
21. Do a close-up view of a person expressing a mood or feeling. The
face must touch two sides of the page.
22. Imagine landing on a far and strange planet in a distant planet.
Draw some of the things you might encounter on your adventure.
23. Draw yourself twenty years from now.
24. Draw your favorite teacher while teaching a lesson. Use the
classroom as a background and the teacher as the foreground.
25. Design your own web page on the internet. Use your own style of
lettering to make it original. Where will the links take you?
26. Draw five interesting people from different walks of life trapped
in an elevator. Use overlapping to create space.
27. Draw what is in your wallet or pocketbook.
28. Draw your dream wedding cake(YES, BOTH GENDERS DO LOVE THIS ONE!).
29. Draw something that makes a lot of noise. Be creative!

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