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Lesson Plans

Re: "Openers"

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Mon, 14 Sep 1998 18:40:28 -0500

Hi Maryanne,
I'm a believer in getting the kids engaged as soon as they enter the art
room. As they walk through the door they are to pick up their sketchbook
,check the chalkboard for a message or notes, and be seated. Often they
have an art vocabulary word to write in their sketchbook. The word will
have something to do with the lesson for the day. On days were there are no
notes, the student will find a message as to what he/she needs to prepare
for the class. Twice a week they have a journal question that deals with
aesthetics. They are to answer that question before class starts in the
back of the sketchbook. On Fridays for about 5-10 min. we have a class
discussion on what the journal questions were for the week. Discussions are
often lively as they students give their opinions on different art issues. I
often give them a couple of minutes once everyone is in to make sure
everyone has their notes or journal done. If I catch a kid visiting and not
doing what the board has on it they receive a warning. If it continues an
infraction slip. I tell the students their sketchbook is like their art
textbook. It has sketches, notes, and journaling. I strongly encourage
them at the end of our 6 week session to take the sketchbook home to share
what they learned with their parents.
I know this is more than you asked for in your question , but I got on a
roll. Hope it was helpful!

Pineo wrote:

> I like to begin class with a short 5-10 min. assignment that the
> students can work on independently the minute they enter the room. The
> assignments need to have a minimum of supplies and be super easy to
> clean-up. Sometimes I put up an object for them to draw. Sometimes a
> step-by-step handout. Sometimes an imaginative idea such as "draw your
> dream locker." I find it very helpful to have something for the students
> to immediately do since they tend to arrive at various times within a 5
> min.time span.
> My problem is I need more ideas for openers. Does anyone else begin
> class like this? Does anyone know of any books with short exersises to
> reccommend? Also, I don't want to have to grade these --too time
> consuming. But, I need to keep the students accountable. Any ideas?
> Maryanne