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RE: poster contests

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Sheryl Ann McCoy (smccoy)
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 08:33:44 -0700

Wendy, et al:
"What I'm asking you for is a diplomatic, educationally-sound, non-whiny way of saying NO thanks. I don't want to simply sound negative, but to educate.

Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, have I walked a mile in your shoes!!! That sounds just like something I might say! Let's think about this: you are going to "educate" a peer, and a principal at that? Hmmmm!

Boy howdy, let's really think about this. :)We share our experiences or our professional development related to a subject; we rarely educate another adult...even a may one day come back to haunt us...

I hope my experience as the consummate abstract random thinker (aka procrastinator) may help you in this or any similar situation. NO RESPONSE IS THE BEST RESPONSE.

If your principal does want you to pursue these contests, (I agree with Linda Fields, I doubt if she has any preferences. She is probably being an unusually open and transparent administrator by letting you have access to all art related mail---for which you may want to thank your lucky stars and not say anything)she will come to you.

In the meantime, if it were me, I would place the information in file 11 so I can still access it if my principal talks with me about it. If she doesn't say anything before the deadline, I would then put the info in file 13. End of story!!

In my classroom, I always have at least one pile of junk that I call file usually contains materials or information that I am still cognitively makes me mad, sad, glad, etc, and I don't know how to respond to I wait and think about it awhile.

You know what "they" say about what happens when you ASSUME :o)

Have fun,

"It isn't practice that makes perfect; you have to add 
one word: It's perfect practice that makes perfect." 
Howard Mackay Lesson #47: discussing Vince Lombardi ideas

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