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Lesson Plans

Form & Balance

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suzette milam (smilam)
Sun, 13 Sep 1998 12:12:42 +0000

Hi everyone!
I have been super busy organizing curriculum for an Adult Ed Art class I'm
going to teach. I have read a few things here that I wanted to share my
comments on, but I would think, "Oh, I will do it tonight".Exhausted I would
fall asleep never returning. So here it is:

I loved the suggestions for ways to illustrate form to the kids. I agree that
it is hard to introduce these abstract concepts to them. I also like to use
the kids to demonstrate. Not only does it keep them involved, but it also uses
the kinesthetic form of learning. I use a cut out gingerbread man butcher
paper life size figure and a real student to illustrate form. I also show them
artwork that illustrates shape vs. form and call on kids to answer "shape" or

Balance is fun too. You can get several kids involved. Have one student stand
with both arms down forward facing the class. Then have another student stand
one arm on the hip the other arm down facing the class. I write symmetrical
and asymmetrical on the board behind them. Ask, "What makes Jenny
symmetrically balanced?" You can add students to the mix by having another
student stand on the end mirroring the asymmetrically balanced student with
the other arm on the hip. I have the table groups stand and create a
symmetrically balanced design by organizing themselves. Then reorganizing
themselves in an asymmetrical design. The kids just love it when you motion as
if your hands are scissors and you are cutting them in half. Giggles galore.