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Sheryl Ann McCoy (smccoy)
Sun, 13 Sep 1998 09:37:08 -0700

I have experienced the same situation. I also worked in a suburban school district where they paid for either 30 hours or a masters. When you graduated, they bumped you into the Masters plus 30 column.

After working in several districts and discussing this issue with teachers around the country, it appears that the more organized the finances of the district are, the more open and regulated the salary policies are.

Also, this openness is usually a sign of respect of the community members, the school board members, and the school administration for the teachers....these types of schools are usually very child centered. They do exist.

Hang in there! What does your policy book say? You can try to get your teacher representative group to push the issue and try to get you some credit...even 15 hrs.

Or you can look for a job where the community values those teachers, such as yourself, that work to improve their professional skills and knowledge base.

Or you can say it was a lesson learned on the bumpy road of life experiences!

If this issue is still burning in your stomache by the end of this year, a change of scene might ease the upset, especially if you can find a school where they will give you credit for your masters and your 30 hours. Do it soon, because later you will have all this education and years of experience that many shcools don't want to pay for.


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On Sat, 12 Sep 1998 18:07:50 ArtAltman wrote: >I have a sallary question. I was wondering what your districts' policy on >hours above a masters degree is? I have a masters degree and have taken 30 >hours above and beyond the requirements of that degree. However I took those >hours as a graduate student and not after I graduated with my masters of Art >Education. Because of this legistical time issue my district will not honor >those 30 hours and I am put in the first masters pay lane even though the 30 >hours I took were not required for my degree. Just out of curiosity how would >your districts look at this situation? -R. Altman, Waukegan High School >

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