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Bunki Kramer (
Sun, 13 Sep 1998 09:35:18 -0700

>Have any of you taught a neat lesson using sign language? I need a SIMPLE
>but educationally>visual....well, you know what I mean!
>Thanks so much, everyone!!!!
Hi...I used to use this with 6th graders a few years ago and it was very
successful. Now that our "rotation" has been shortened due to adding
computer keyboarding, I have had to eliminate this project...but it always
been a favorite "showy" piece for displays and parents as well as
artistically educational.

Each child gets 9x10" drawing paper. I have templates cut out of matboard
9x8". It's traced so now there is a 1/2" border around the edges which
they'll leave white. This gives them room for their 3 "hands" which will
have to overlap due to the smaller space.

You can find large posters from Dale Seymour Publications in Menlo Park,
CA. Just call for a free catalog. They're inexpensive. Or visit your
favorite library and run off a class set of sign language from their
resource books.

Discuss hand signing. I've had volunteers come into the classroom for
teaching us these. We learn a few phrases we can use in the art"I want to talk to you so please listen"...and they sign
back....Okay, I am listening now". We carry this with us for a long time
pass the actual lesson, too, which is neat!

Kids learn their 3 initials. They trace their initial "signs" onto the
paper using their actual hands which will overlap. We look at the inside
LINES of the hands like where the fingers connect to the hand and those are
drawn in. Now we break up the hand into med. sized parts and those parts
are filled with different types of VISUAL TEXTURE patterns like stripes,
plaids, hearts, zigzags, etc.

Now we look at the NEGATIVE AREAS outside the hands. Talk about diff.
weather patterns...raindrops, tornadoes, clouds, hail, snow, sun....and
they put in the background at least 3 diff. weather patterns. They are
asked when coloring NOT to use "normal" colors like white clouds, yellow
sun, etc. but, instead, make purple clouds or green rain, etc.

Now that the picture is covered in pattern & line, they color in with
Crayola markers. Ownership comes from their own initials and the patterns
are fantastic.

I take them step-by-step with one I do on an overhead while they do theirs.

Yes, these are "tight" and small but good skill builders.

It's been so nice to have so many new people joinin' us oldsters. I missed
our "group" when it was down earlier too. Toodles.............

Bunki Kramer - Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Rd., Danville, California 94526