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Re: The behaviorally challenged student!

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Christine Merriam (
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 10:00:11 -0600

>>How do you manage the emotionally disturbed students that have recently been put into our classrooms?<<

This happened in our school district over 5 years ago and the first
year was AWFUL!!. I was one of the people who felt that it was very
unfair to other students to allow one child control my classes, and I
made my feelings clear to my administrator, the Special Ed director, and
anyone else who would listen. We finally got aides for the most
disruptive students and also had a plan where it was ok to call the
office to come and remove the student from the class if things were
really bad. I rocked the boat, which did not make me popular, but I feel
it was worth it.
Yesterday I had a student who is now in 5th grade and does so well, it
is amazing to think back on him in 3rd grade when he would scream and
yell and lie on the floor and drive everyone crazy. At that time I chose
to extinguish those behaviors by ignoring them as best as I could, and
had a talk with his classmates (when he was out of the room), and asked
them to pretend he was not there when he was being disruptive, and to
give him lots and lots of attention when he was doing well. I also
suspect the personality of his classroom teacher now is helpful for him.
So... there is hope! I know how tough it is!

Chris Merriam
Kayenta Intermediate School