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Fwd: noisy kids

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Thu, 10 Sep 1998 16:51:12 EDT

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I sent this to Gail and she requested I share it with Y'all (Southern term).
For whatever it's worth.

Marsha in rainy, humid WET Florida where there are no Fall leaves (alas!).

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I have a new dicipline plan and stick to it. I cannot believe my classes are
so quiet and orderly. Maybe I can send the rules to you.

1. Enter quietly and take assigned seats.
2. WAIT for teachers instructions.
3. Grabbing supplies is a No-no.
4. Talking is not allowed during instruction. (I use a wind chime to get
their attention. The sound of it means.. STOP, LOOK, Listen. It works and
sounds nicer than a tapping on the desk to get their attention. I enforce a
12 inch rule. If anyone can hear it more than 12" away, it is too loud. If
the whole class is too loud,go to SILENT ART. Find the few rule-breakers and
put them in Time Out for about 3 minutes to start. EVERYTIME they talk again,
send them back. If they still don't get the message, tell them you are taking
their time that they waste in your class. Get them at lunch or recess and
have them sit in time out in your room or give them an assignment. Be
consistent. That is the real key.
5.Clean up your workplace and floor.
6. Wait for instructions to line up.

I am sure to enforce that they enter my room quietly. It is harder to get
control once they are noisy. If they enter too noisy, I have them "practice"
over and over again, until they come into the art room like I want it!
Sometimes it was 3-4 times. By then, their peers get on the ones that will not

Besides the rules that are posted, I have a "choose or lose" list posted on
the chalkboard. If they break a rule, their name goes on it as a warning.
Next time they get a check next to the name, and this means Time out for 2
minutes. I set a timer. They automatically go back to their seat when it
buzzes. Next infraction during the period= Time out for 5 minutes. Note to
teacher to remove a privilege ( like recess).

4th infraction= Note home. I will actually take the child to the office
during lunch and have them call the parent (even at work) to tell them they
are coming home with a note to have the parent sign. This really puts fear in
their hearts. If the parent complains about the call, I tell them I am
teaching their child "social skills" and it is part of the lesson called "
taking responsibilty for your actions".

5th offense= principal

These are posted where they can see them ALL the time. Usually, it only goes
to 2 checks. But I am consistent and never change my rules. The kids know
what to expect and that I will deliver.

You need to show them YOUR attitude...since they have one too. Yours is:
"This is MY classroom. I am the teacher. I EXPECT you to learn here. If you
cannot do this, you WILL NOT prevent others from learning. You are NOT in
charge here, I am!" This can be communicated away from the the
hall, never in front of them because the kid will have to defend himself
to save face and it gets sticky!

Firm, consistent and loving.. All three will change it.

Hope I've helped.