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Re: Computer photo software

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Sheryl Ann McCoy (smccoy)
Wed, 09 Sep 1998 23:05:07 -0700

There are two related questions on the listserv at the moment. If I understand them correctly, one person is trying to develop a curriculum to teach PhotoShop to beginning and advanced high school users. The other is Carolyn's idea of enhancing and manipulating photographs in art. I have much to say, but I am limited on time until the weekend. For now, I want to suggest to Carolyn that she learn to use Photoshop's basic features:
1. changing the digital format of a picture, i.e. TIFF to JPEG, BMP to GIF, etc.
2. the various tools: I started with the eraser to remove extraneous dots or lines digitized when scanning.There are other cool tools, like the air brush, the line thickness, etc.
3. changing basic attributes of the photo, for instance color or shading.

There are two very inexpensive programs (less than $15.00 each) from SoftKey, the little company that bought Learning Company, MECC, and another one I can't remember. The first program is called "KAI's Goo" and the second is called "MORPH Studios". Both are easy to use and the special effects are appealing to middle school age young adults.
There is a little piece of hardware with good software, called "SNAPPY" that will snap one frame from video, and this program usually comes with KAI's Power Goo. It costs about $150.00, and it is a program middle school students could master quickly.
There are also ways to animate parts of a picture, to make a wink or something else.
Hope this helps.
I am sure there are many experts out there who may add to this primer list, and I hope they do. I will say more as I can.

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On Wed, 09 Sep 1998 11:51:23 John & Sandra Barrick wrote: >Now I asked John and he said you do have photoshop. That is what >Adobe is. Why don't you experiment with what you have. You can look >at our web to see what can be accomplished with digital >effects(computer animation. >The Brownie camera was all computer generated. Check"My Work",also >there are manuals for adobe photoshop which you should get if you >don't have. >Sandra > >I don't know if this is too much for middle school to do maybe >someone >who teaches this in the group could tell us.(there are some if they >will speak). > >croberts wrote: >> I want to add some software for the students to use to work with photos, but >> we can not afford PHOTOSHOP. I'm not really familiar with this kind of >> software. We have Adobe Photo Shop, but I don't know much about using this >> or if it would be good for the students to learn to use. >> Carolyn Roberts >> E. B. Frink Middle School >> Kinston, NC >

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