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Re: The behaviorally challenged student!

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Stenger - Judith DiSalvo (jstenger)
Wed, 9 Sep 1998 20:06:22 -0400 (EDT)

Hi B Truth,
Here's what I do--nothing is 100% successful, but it works for many.
First day of school, a packet goes home with behavior expectations,
consequences, grading policy (How to get an A, B, etc.,) required
materials, course objectives. The last page says, "I have reviewed this
packet with my student artist and understand. etc.... Parent signature and
date. The student gets 100 points for returning it the next day, 75
points the second, 50 the third--then I call the parents to tell them I
need the paper.
I have a Time Out corner in my room with specific assignments. First
offense: Copy the classroom rules.
Second offense: Write a problem solving Time Out sheet. Have parent sign
it and return tomorrow. Otherwise, stay in Time Out.
Third: Four paragraph essay explaining what happened, taking ownership,
developing 5 strategies to avoid problem, and a plan to stay out of
trouble. These have to be don in composition form, spelling, punctuation,
grammar must be correct. This is to be signed by parent.
Then--or any time in between, parent contact by letter or phone. Of
course serious offenses get an administrative referral. I also use
contracts and ask parents to come in for conferences. If more than one
kid is being an "actor" the Time Out work may be done at their tables, or
by arrangement, in another teacher's room.
Kids who refuse to comply are not allowed to participate in class
One thing we have going for us is that we have something they want--ART
MATERIALS! Only those who cooperate get to use them.
Make participation in art such a wonderful privilege that they'll want
to earn it.
One last thought. It really helps to have a courageous administrator
who will back you. Some are so cautious that they're ineffective.
I always
give my packet to the principal so they know
I've given classroom management some thought, and will only ask them to
intercede when it's really necessary. And oh yes--when I get a bunch of
ne'er do wells in one group, I figure it's better to spoil one class that
I hope you have a great year.