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Re: The behaviorally challenged student!

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Maggie White (mwhite)
Tue, 08 Sep 1998 21:14:25 -0700

BluesTruth wrote:
> <snip> If only
> I knew how to deal with this type of student--there is ONE in every class.
> This kind of kid LOVES it when they get on your nerves! Send him to principal
> or disciplinarian?? They throw him right back at me. Any suggestions?

Give him all the attention he's craving _away_ from his peers. Get him
out in the hallway, close the door, and let him know you understand he
wants some attention. Then fold your arms, look him straight in the eye,
and say, "Okay, you've got my undivided attention. What is it you want
to tell me?" Nine times out of ten you'll see a much different student
than was in the classroom. Don't let up if he just says "Nothin!"
Badger him, pleasantly ("Com'on now, you were making all that racket in
the room to get my attention, and now you've got it.").

If he's the one percent who is still defiant, at this point you have to
let him know under no circumstances is he allowed to disrupt your
teaching. Tell him he will have to do his work at lunch/during
recess/after school (whatever you're willing to follow through on). If
he disrupts the class again, haul him out into the hallway again. Can
you let him sit out there a while?

Someone suggested Assertive Discipline, which is an excellent method.
Good luck.