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noisy kids

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Wed, 02 Sep 1998 20:09:20 -0500

Vicki Bean wrote:

> I need HELP!! Does anyone have suggestions on class discipline for
> junior high (27 seventh and eighth graders in the same class for an
> hour)?
> Bad days: when all 27 students are in attendance, we're cramped
> and easily distracted. It really doesn't matter what the lesson is
> because they can't hear enough to understand it.
> Other than threatening to make them late for lunch (right after
> class) or sending them to the office, I really have no recourse. I
> have put them in the corner (time out) and pulled them outside to
> talk to individuals, but really haven't come up with anything that
> works for more than a few minutes.
> HELP!!
> Vicki Bean
> Gideon, MO

To Bean and all,
I 'm sure many of you have noticed that behavior problems aren't as
bad when the work is very interesting to the students. I can always
tell if I goofed on something as far as choice of lesson or unclear
directions, or something like that that leaves the students frustrated
or uninterested. Then the behavior is challenging. That's where a
teacher's first step toward good behavior should begin- good planning.
If they won't even listen to the lesson, put out some tempting
materials. Something they haven't seen before. Now I know that
doesn't always solve problems. Class numbers do make a difference, as
does administrative support and a good plan of action. Whatever that
plan of action is (and there have been very many good suggestions)
STICK TO IT! Kids know how to play the games of getting around rules.
I also use the Silent Art, but do not always give 3 warnings. It
depends on the class. Some kids will really milk 3 warnings if they get
it day after day. It really depends on the grade level, personalities
in class and other variables. Some of my classes do fine with a 5 min.
Silent Art ( just to lower the volume) and once I had to have it
everyday for a week for a group of 7th graders that just didn't
understand how to lower voices. But after a week of losing the
privilege of talking, things did change.
Whole class punishment isn't my favorite thing ,but I think it has it's
place as long as it isn't abused in the long run.
Another thing that greatly affects the behavior at out middle school is
our Honors Level Program. It is a consistent behavior program that used
by all the teachers in our school. The majority of our kids
(92%) are in the top level of good behavior. Our "frequent fliers", the
same kids causing problems day after day receive after school detentions
and suspensions. We've even expelled a few kids who had long records
of disrespect and disturbing class. Talk to your administrator for
ideas that will fit in the the philosophy of your school. Good luck to
all as we start this year!
PS. Even with our nice discipline system I do still get days like
everyone else where I want to pull out my hair. Ahh those middle years

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