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Rosa Juliusdottir (rojul)
Wed, 2 Sep 1998 10:43:23 -0500

Hi Bluestruth, my sympathy to you and all of you artsednetters that have
these what seem unbelievable timetables. I do hope the fall eases you into
a good winter because it is so great to teach art and I know you do because
you love it. I cannot imagine teaching 50 kinergartners.........
>1. Kindergarten: I am still at a loss what to do (40 minute periods)
>especially when they combine all of them (50 kids) and I'm responsible. How
>many times can you sing "Itsy Beensy Spider???"
I think it is very important how you start, my experience is the beginning
of the class tells what it will be like. With my youngest students 4 to 6
yrs. I like to sit down on the floor in a tight circle(donīt know about if
there were 50 of them) and then I donīt speak until everyone is quiet and I
speak in a low voice that I lower when they make noise. I also try to have
the introduction to the lesson like I am telling a story so they get
exited, often showing colour transparencies or toys or other things that
fit the project. Donīt know if this helps, but I also allow my students to
talk when they work as long as they talk very low and it works. I do a lot
of selfportraits using mirrors and also a lot of drawing toys. And clay I
always do but with 50 students you need lots of help!!!!!!

Anyway I hope everyone is enjoying beginning school again. I enjoy seing
all the discussions going on but feel I donīt always have much to add
because my school is very different ,being an art school for children were
they come after their regular school is finished. So I donīt have much
problems with behavior and such although I have several disabled students
and sometimes the other students in their group take time getting used to
it and act out, not very often thoug.
Well enough for now. Best regards from the far north, Rosa