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Re: Mandalas-web site found / Questions / Concerns

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Nancy Walkup (walkup)
Tue, 1 Sep 1998 09:24:56 CST6CDT

About Mandalas:

Though we suggested studying cultural traditions of the term
"mandala" in our article, that is only one approach to take.
There are lots of other options, too, to study such as Medieval rose
windows, flowers, and mass-produced objects like hub caps. If
the term mandala creates a problem, then just call the designs
radial symmetry.


Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 12:34:32 -0700
From: Maggie White <mwhite>
Subject: Re: Mandalas-web site found / Questions / Concerns

Juncture wrote:
> Has anyone done a lesson on Mandalas / Had any backlash from doing them / How
> was it approached / Any advice / Reccomendations?
> There is Question as to how a parent would know about them but all the Hari
> Krishna
> fears parents have of their kids shaving their heads & frequenting airports
> with flowers etc
> gives me pause.

Hi, Juncture (how about including a name we can address you by?),

With potentially troublesome material (troublesome more to parents than
kids, you know), I try to integrate as many different cultures as
possible, including Western, to show the universality of certain objects
or motifs.

And no, no matter how much a parent squawks, merely seeing or making a
mandala for a couple of weeks is going to influence a kid to the point
s/he rejects baggy pants and platform sneakers ;) I feel very strongly
that we _should_ expose our students to a variety of cultures and
beliefs; not to convert anyone, but help the students understand that the
world is a big place, with room enough for many belief systems.

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