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Response to "Need advice on job"

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Tiffany David (tdavid)
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 19:17:02 -0500

This is a difficult situation, and I'm sure the last thing you want to
do is to make a wrong decision that can also jeopardize a full time art
position in the future. Well, personally, job #1 may very well drive
you crazy, traveling all around and not being guaranteed that you will
have a substituting job the next day. Think about that. Are they going
to guarantee your substituting hours? Also, benefits? Having to pay
your own benefits will probably range from $70 - $150 a month.
Now job #2, may not be a dream job. However, if you are a new
teacher, it may give you the opportunity to get all classroom problems
and situations under control before you a faced with a full classroom
full of students. This is assuming the resource room will have fewer
students. Also, this position will also allow you to use art as a tool
to get students to understand other subjects. And finally, my
understanding is that most principals and administration highly respect
those who take both of these positions. Subs & Part time employees
because, it's the dirty work (or not so desirable) and they like to
keep those people in the districts for "paying their dues". And for
Aides, I think it's pretty much the same, it's a good way to get your
foot in the door, and live on a slim budget. Well, good luck, I'm there
now. Ciao! --Tiffany (Columbia, MO)

I was recently hired for a .2 art teacher position. It is one period a
that rotates from 11am to 2pm, 40 minutes long. For the first couple of
months I will need to be in three different rooms during a 7 day
schedule due
to renovations. I was told that to suppliment my permanent income, I
substitute at that school and the one adjacent to it.

Today I received an offer for a full-time teacher's aid in a high school
resource room. The salary is fair and is based hourly with plenty of
time to
pick up a side job if necessary. This job has art potential (unsure
specifics at this time), full benefits, and is a stable position.

Both are about the same distance away.

What should I do?

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