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Re: grading art

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Rosa Juliusdottir (rojul)
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 15:14:33 GMT

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Hi everyone.
Since this is not "hate mail" I am sending it to the list! I do think art
can be graded but it has to be done with great care. I actually am not much
of a believer in grading anything in the first years of school. Yes you
can decide what factors you will give grades for and with clear objectives
and criteria it should work rather easily. But I do ask myself at times how
do we do this: "I grade them by that and also how well they individually
improve from assignment to assignment".Whimscal
An individuals improvement may be caused by so many different factors that
I wonder if we do right by taking that into the grading. The thing about
art that makes it different from other subjects is that there is not
necessarily one right answer and not just one way to come to the
solution(the finished work). I really feel it is difficult to be either
against or for grading art, but I find the discussion interesting. Regards
from the far north, Rosa
>I agree with RWilk85411
>When I grade students to avoid the "I can't do as well as so-in-son
>syndrome I have a rubric posted to let the student know what included items
>get what. I grade them by that and also how well they individually improve
>from assignment to assignment. I take this into consideraton when giving
>interim grades or final grades. We are kidding ourselves if we think
>everyone should be Picasso or Rembrandt when they walk out of the class. I
>consider the individual along with how well they do with the rubric graded
>We do have work to grade if we take the time to decipher and understand
>each project's individual objectives and criteria. I truly believe a
>child's talent should not be the deciding issue when grading art in a
>public school setting where so many are dumped in. If you chose this idea
>of having nothing to grade then you are sure to lose half of the class.
>YOUR class could be the deciding factor as to whether a child finds himself
>as an artist or not. So many have come to my class never experiencing
>anything positive and for one moment have had the light turned on!!!!
>Please CC RWilk85411's hate mail to me since I agree with them.

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