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Re: the 60's......

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Wed, 24 Sep 1997 06:12:24 -0400 (EDT)

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I have to tell this as a result of this letter. In regards to middle
schoolers and "hell no, we won't go". On a trip to Washington, DC ,with
students ,we had a GREAT diffifulty with out luggage and the conductors as we
were trying to leave the fair city for our home in Mytle Beach, SC. We had
tried to retreive our luggage earlier in the day but Amtrak had insisted that
they would have it trainside at the time of departure. Well they didn't and
the conductors were trying to convince us to board without our luggage and go
to a great deal of trouble to retreive it later. The Amtrak station is 85
miles from Myrtle Beach. One teacher and I started toward the station in
search of help. We left one teacher with the twenty students who were on the
train at that time. Kathy the teacher remained on the platform. (Which is why
the train had not already departed because we the teachers would not
board.)About 10 or fifteen cars later we came upon the head porter who
strangely knew nothing of our plight.( The porters had not even "radioed" the
station concerning our luggage) He was not happy with the porters and assured
us that the train would not leave without HIM - our our luggage. As we
returned to our car (the last one in line) we heard this little chant. "Hell
no we won't go, hell no we won't go......." Our students had left the train
and were grouped on the platform sitting at the feet of their teacher
chanting this phrase. Not only was it a phrase dear to our hearts, we
obviously had taught the concept of civil liberties quite well. So maybe they
shouldn't use it........But they sure know what it means and when to use it.
And incidentally Amtrak was only delayed by about thirty minutes.

Independent Republic of Horry
that's what our county is officially named and there's a reason

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