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Art Olympics/principles

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Christina ARndT, M.Ed. (carndt)
Sun, 21 Sep 1997 10:33:05 -0400

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Bunki and others that have been waiting. sorry this has taken so long
but the beginning of the school year and all... This is the second half
of the olympics using the principles. I posted the elements about a
month ago. I use this as part of a reward system the classes earn art
olympics after 30 stars. I got this idea from Becky Laabs who teaches
art at the high school in Bowling Green, Ohio. I break the class down
into teams of 4 students.

Balance- 5 minute timed event (team event) Building a house of cards. At
the end of the time limit the tallest house wins. Design/structure may
be symmetrical or assymetrical.

Pattern- (team event) 1 minute the team with the longest list of
patterns (repeated designs) wins.

Proportion- (two members) a race to put photographic reproductions of
real objects in the correct size relationships ranging either from large
to small or small to large.

Contrast-(team event) 1 minute race. Team lists as many pairs of
opposite characteristics of the various art elements.
example short/long - line
smooth/rough - texture
light/dark - value

Unity- (team event) 4 minutes. Relay race. 6x18 paper folded in fourths
One team member draws a design (1 minute) passes on to next team member
to reproduce. Creates a border design.

Emphasis- (1 person with teams advice) creates an area of emphasis in
the border design.

Rhythm- (team event) Teams have time to compose new lyrics to the
melody of Twinkle Twinkle Little star or some other well known song,
using art elements and principles learned. The team must sing their
song and is juged on- number of art terms used, rhythm, and completeness
( if the song makes sense).

Have Fun!
Tina ARndT
Sylvania City Schools

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