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art print activities

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Sat, 20 Sep 1997 23:19:29 -0400 (EDT)

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I remember talking to an art teacher once who said she used art print post
cards in her elementary art classroom. She would give each group of kids 5
or 6 different cards, (each group might have different cards). She then
would have them work together to solve problems. I have come up with a list
of things you could have them do below, trying to jog my memory from the
conversation I had.

1. Put them in order from the prettiest to the ugliest.

2. Put them in order from the most colorful to the least colorful.

3. Put them in order from the one that was made first to the one that was
made last.

4. Put them in order from the lightest to the darkest.

5. Put them in order from easiest to make to the hardest to make.

6. Put them in order from your favorite to your least favorite.

7. Which one uses mostly lines?

8. Which one uses mostly shapes?

9. Which picture is the happiest?

10. Which picture is the saddest?

The idea here isn't being right or wrong, it is to encourage discussion and
thinking about art. They will also be asked to explain to their group why
they are doing it the way they chose.

Has anyone else done this type of activity? If so what types of things do
you have the kids do with them? I was thinking I would like to try this,
and am looking for thoughts or ideas from anyone else.

:) Laura Allan

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