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Re: condescending attitude

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Mark Alexander (mamjam)
Thu, 18 Sep 1997 21:56:25 -0500

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Frankly, I didn't save the ones I thought had that edge, and I can't
remember whom they were from. Its just that the last few times I noticed
condescending attitudes similar to those I refered to in my recent post, we
all suffered through a couple of weeks of flames and hurt feelings. I was
just trying to politely head it off at the pass. I absolutely agree that
our beliefs about the nature of teaching and learning must be debated. I
just believe with a sense of passion that the debate should be done by
emphasizing the positive and downplaying the negative. Perhaps I over
reacted, and if so, I am truely sorry. A few folks have sent me notes off
list thanking me for my post, so I guess I'm not alone. I hope you



At 8:32 PM 9/18/97, EVasso wrote:
>In a message dated 97-09-18 12:31:55 EDT, you write:
><< The part about the debate I don't care for is the condescending attitudes
> expressed when someone feels their method is more correct than someone
> else's method. >>
>I'm sorry, Mark. I haven't seen this during the debate. Was I guilty? I hope
>not. I thought there was a debate (partially philosophic) about the nature of
>teaching and learning. People have beliefs. Others disagree. Some believe
>with a sense of passion. I didn't think it was a problem.
>If I offended, I apologize.

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