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Re: Ceramics Grades

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Patricia Munce (pdmun)
Tue, 16 Sep 1997 23:13:35 -0800

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>I would be curious to know how secondary ceramics teachers grade their
>students work, what kind of scale works fair, and what criteria they
>use. Thanks, Scott Harrison

I use projects are about 50% of grade.
Tests = 10 to 15 %
Glazing grades = 15 -20%.
Worksheets, reports, vocabulary, drawings, etc. =10%
Participation = 5%
Progress grades given at two week intervals so that they have the fear of
god put in them every once in a while that something must get done. =5%

Extra credit = 5%

I use a scale of 1 to 10.

10 and 9 are As 8=B 7=C 6 =D.
I also give out 11 and 12s for exceptional work.
I use a computer grading system which makes the 11 and 12s help the grades
just right, I think.

Years ago I would give out 30 points per big projects and then 10 for small
ones. Things like that.

I like how I do it now the best. Its almost objective. At least they know
where they stand when I do a print out.

Big trick Ia started is this one. Only a ceramics teacher would appreciate
this one.

Our year is broken into 6 6 weeks. I the end of a 6 weeks period, I do the
grade based on completed work. Each pot must have the proper information
on the bottom.

Name and the letter standing for the 6 weeks period.

September is A so it would read on the bottom

Pat Munce A97. Now next 6 weeks this pot is not counted again by accident
as made during the second 6 weeks which has the mark Pat Munce B97.
and then C97 and then D98 and E98 and F98. That the year.

Boy does that end any arguments on whether you received credit for it or not.

Pat Munce

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