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Lesson Plans

Re: First Grade

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Chaney (lchaney)
Tue, 16 Sep 1997 21:07:27 -0500

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Ckart wrote:

> Melissa:
> Your schedule is very similar to mine -- Kinders for 25 min. and First for
> 50 min.
> One of the things I do (with my 1st graders) is break the instruction into
> smaller segments so that they are focusing on one thing at a time. I might
> be giving 4 steps in one lesson/period, but I explain/demonstrate, have
> them do, stop them, and explain the next step.
> Example: Drawing a self-portrait
> Where to start -- head. What shape -- oval. Where on the paper -- top.
> What else is to be added -- body. Leave some space!! and draw
> the
> shape that is needed.
> We would then proceed with a basic line for the body, with simple
> proportion instructions, i.e., where is the waist -- middle, etc. They end
> up with an outline. This might end the first lesson. Then next lesson
> might focus on color (of clothing) and patterns, facial details,
> background, etc. While it slows them down, it also helps them to begin
> thinking like an artist -- visualizing in their minds.
> We seldom have time for any "free time" activities, but I do keep a box of
> scrap paper (check the secretarial copy machine, or aide station) that has
> been used on one side. They may take ONE piece of paper to draw on. I
> find that other "stuff" means more monitoring of clean-up on my part, and
> time, so I don't keep it available for the little ones.
> Whereas, in Kindergarten, with only 25 min., it was/is: draw a picture of
> yourself, here's the crayons, don't forget to color in shapes, and let's
> clean-up and get ready to go!!
> Hope this helps.
> Cheryl

This sounds so familiar. Thanks for the help.


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